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Are these one of a kind? 

Yes! Due to the handmade nature of these artworks, no two are the same. No cookie cutters here!  A Metal Metcalfe artwork is drawn, designed, selected and welded by hand. So, totally one of a kind! 

Tell me more about the material - what can I expect from my colourful blooms?

We use food grade (no chemicals/petroleum) steel drums that are surplus to the producer's needs.  They have had a hard-working life, travelling around the world on container ships, then within manufacturing plants being dropped or knocked by forklifts. As such they will have some scratches and/or dents and/or rust. This is part of the honesty of the material, they’re not defects. They are the visible wounds of their previous life! 

The steel drums are already pre-painted, inside and out. Some will have been outside and others inside, therefore the paint colours can vary. 

In addition, the heat from the cutting process can affect the colour too. Again, this is part of the honesty of the material and process.  

You’ll notice the front and the back of the artwork are different - that is because the inside and outside of our drums come in two different colours. It gives us a larger palette to work with! 

Why steel drums? 

Well, we think they are AWESOME! They come in bright colours, usually two-tone. The outside colour is different from the interior - so you will find the back of the artwork looks completely different to the front.  

We are also extending the lifespan of what is sometimes a single use steel drum - ensuring that the energy used to make the original drum is maximised (and enjoyed) for years to come. 

Can my artworks be displayed inside and outside? 

Yes, they can be used in either! If you display your artwork inside, then there is no maintenance required. 

If displayed outside, then they will naturally start to rust and this is part of their charm.  If, however, you’d prefer them not to rust, then we suggest spraying with a one off clear coat lacquer or a seasonal spray of vegetable oil.

How do I install my artwork? 

Check out our post of Displaying your Artwork here. All of our wall mounted artworks come with fixings either welded or riveted to the frameworks. Note: no screws/fixtures are provided as this will vary depending on the substrate.

Making by hand - what does that mean? 

It means every single artwork we make is unique….no two are the same. 

We draw, cut and select each bloom or leaf and then we weld them together. As such, each piece has its own personality. They are then cleaned, signed, photographed, labelled and shipped. 


We package all artworks to ensure they are received by you in the condition they left us. Sometimes accidents do happen, or there are delays with couriers. If that is the case, please get in touch via email and we will do our very best to assist you.

Can I purchase a Gift Voucher?

We are working on this one and will bring them to you as soon as we can. 

We are in the area - can we come and visit?

We love having visitors! So absolutely get in contact via email and we will see what we can get organised. 



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