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Gallery Opening Hours: Shed 19, 174 Brookvale Road, Havelock North (Mon-Sat 9am-Noon)

Caring for your artworks

Caring for your artworks

Indoor only artworks: Pears, Cherries, Botanicals, Small Crowns, Sketch Stems & Bouquets.

Both Indoor & Outdoor: Corsages, Mini-Blooms, Bantam Blooms, Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garlands and Rambling Gardens.

Garden Art: Full Bloom & Large Crowns.

If you artwork is to be displayed in a dry, indoor location then an occasional dust is required. (Using a yellow duster means that the yellow fluff sticks to the edges….we suggest either a feather duster or a can of compressed air, which can be obtained here.)

If you are wanting to display your artworks outdoors then we currently have a couple of options:

Given the artworks are made from metal, they will, if left in damp/wet conditions start to rust on any exposed metal. The speed and intensity of the patina depends on the location of the artworks. e.g a seaside location (water + salt) will speed up the process.

If you like the natural patina of the artworks, then do nothing and enjoy!

If you’d prefer to retain the gallery condition then you can do either of the following.

Option 1 - apply two or three layers of clear coat lacquer to back and front (we’d suggest a matte finish). Refer to the manufacturers instructions regarding drying time, application and health & safety procedures.

Option 2 - apply warmed beeswax to the artworks using a soft, clean and lint-free cloth. We suggest doing the lighter/brighter colours first, or using a seperate cloth for them. Depending on the location of the artworks this may need doing on a semi-regular basis.

Consideration of wall hung artworks outside on wall or fencing.

You may decide to hang your artworks outside. In order to prevent potential rust on your wall or fencing, we therefore strongly recommend at least a couple of coats clear lacquer on the back of the artwork. Again, refer to the manufacturers instructions for application, health & safety and drying times.

We are running some experiments in our workshop for other surface treatments as soon as we have got the results we will add them to this page. Watch this space!

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